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email security - the "CAPTCHA" code

Partially-sighted users

The CAPTCHA picture is intentionally hard to read, for the reason below, and we realize this may cause problems for partially-sighted web users. If you have difficulty reading it, refreshing (reloading) the web page will give a different picture which may be easier to read. If you still have problems, you can nevertheless send email to the webmaster: use your normal email program and send to[A], after replacing the three characters '[A]' with an '@' sign. (That email address is likely to change periodically; so please don't put it in your address book!) The webmaster will be happy to forward such emails, although this will unfortunately incur some delay. Please don't forget to say who the mail is intended for!

As ever, please remember not to include confidential information in any email.

Why make things hard in the first place?

Unfortunately, spammers take full advantage of any information they can find on the web. Our email addresses are no exception, and we have had to introduce a mail submission form that hides the underlying email addresses. That in turn has to be protected: unfortunately spammers also have automated form-filling software to spread their unwanted messages. That's the reason for the CAPTCHA security code - it's a code that (hopefully) cannot be read by a computer, and is different every time the form is viewed.

Incidentally, CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart."