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14:28 Sunday, 26 Jan 2020


Dear Singers,

Lovely to see a good number of you for the workshop !  It looked and
sounded fun from where I was. Let's hope that has put you in good voice
for our first meeting this Thursday 30th January, at 7.30pm. The cost
for the term is £25.00, payable as ever  to Church Langley CHURCH
please.We are planning for the rehearsals to go on till 9.30 pm this
term... unless there is a significant objection. Please bring your
files, as we have a pack of music to put in them, and allow plenty of
time if you can please, for our admin team to  'sort you out' this week.
There are still a few music copies to be returned.... please bring those
if that applies to you.  Really looking forward to seeing you then. Lis

06:33 Saturday, 25 Jan 2020

today ! (lis)

Looking forward to seeing you later at  2.30 prompt start till 4.30 for
the singing  workshop ( includes  a break and a shorter warm up than
last year) then 4.30 -5.30 for the 'recovery'  tea! We would be grateful
for any strong arms to help set out some tables from 2.00pm please.
Thank you!

11:59 Friday, 17 Jan 2020

Reminder... (lis)

Dear Singers...

The singing workshop/ tea with Sue Hickman  is not far away.. Saturday
25th January starting  at 2.30 - 5.30pm.  Please bring any 'proper
copies' from last term.. such as Jingle Bell rock, Go tell it, and
Christmas Grace,  that haven't come back yet.

Sopranos could you please bring a sweet item for  the following tea
party and altos, a savoury one please. Men please feel free to add to
either sweet or savoury items, as we will have hot drinks available (
unless there is a drink  you would like to bring ). All singers of
course old  and new are welcome.  We have a good number on the sign up
sheet ffor this event,  but please keep me posted if that changes for you.

Music for the new term is looking very tasty' we hope. As shared at the
last informal  evening, we will be singing, Day dream believer, Do you
hear the people sing from Les Mis. and  Feed the Birds. We will also be
singing a simplified version of  Sailing for adventure from the Muppet
's Treasure Island, should  you wish to u tube that..... and they are
only part of the fun we have lined up for you to celebrate the end of
our 5th season !

16:45 Sunday, 12 Jan 2020

concert date issue (lis)

Happy New Year singers all,

Re our summer concerts, in an effort to avoid the first Bank Holiday
weekend in May,  I now realise that I have arranged for the 2nd of our
two concerts, ( currently the 23rd May at Potter Street )to be  the
other Bank Holiday weekend !   I can investigate with PSBC to see if the
following  Saturday 30th is any good but that whole week leading into 
Sat. 30th  is half term anyway. So if you think this could  prove to be 
a problem for you to sing at this second  one,  PLEASE would you e-mail
me back asap  to say so?  and I  will take things from there. Thank you
very much. Lis

14:56 Sunday, 29 Dec 2019

summer date typo alert!! (lis)

Sorry to disturb your hibernation singers.... but I  have been giving
you misleading info with regard to the summer concerts. The first one at
Church Langley will be in the evening of  Sat. May 16th ( not the 9th)
and  the following one as stated, at Potter Street Baptist hall on Sat
23rd (afternoon).

07:31 Monday, 23 Dec 2019

yesterday (lis)

Congratulations to last night's carol service singers, and in particular
to the  sopranos. They produced a lovely quiet dynamic to the 2nd time
through of Drummer Boy.... and kept the balance of sound up really well
considering numbers. All in all a very creditable performance by all...
with some very polished and energised moments. Thank you for your time
and energy  !

Do enjoy a good break, until the workshop on Saturday 25th..... and
Thursday 30th. We look forward to completing our 5th year with a
performance to remember! Happy Christmas x

07:30 Saturday, 21 Dec 2019

Fwd: Carol Singing Saturday 21st December (lis)

Dear Singers,

   Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 6.00pm for a 6.30 service
start. We will congregate in the small hall.. but no plans for
processing in . Well done to the sopranos for keeping going with over 10
voices missing. Sorry sopranos, none of you are allowed to have sore
throats or any illnesses before tomorrow!! I am forwarding below the
invitation  from Ann ( our vicar) made on Thursday.

For those disappointed we are not singing at Tesco this year - you are
invited to sing at New Ground Cafe on Newhall Saturday 21st at 17.30 for
about 45 minutes. There are community events on all afternoon if you
want to pop and see. The owners are very keen on building community.


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09:00 Thursday, 19 Dec 2019

songs CLV (lis)

Take 2.. attachment in a different format I hope. Thanks to those who
have returned their 'votes'. ... paper voting still an option tonight.  
   See you later!!

09:18 Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019

song vote (lis)

Dear singers,

Re the summer concerts, we are asking you to 'vote' for  song or two
which we have sung previously. I have listed these as an attachment for
you to choose from ( a paper version will  also available  this Thursday
night). If you need a 'postal vote' do please return your choices by e-mail.

See you at either 7.30 or 8.15 this Thursday..... Carol concert on
Sunday starts at 6.30 pm.

15:43 Monday, 16 Dec 2019

This week (lis)

Dear Singers,

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday;   Sunday carol service 
singers from 7.30 pm please and non- Sunday choir members from 8.15pm 
when we will enjoy ( I hope) a  Christmas song sing-a -long, mince pies
plus other nibblies/ hot drinks etc. No need for anyone to bring
anything to eat or drink thank you, unless feeling really inspired..
finishing by 9.30pm .

Dress for the community carol service is as usual.

Our  Thursday   STARTBACK date is 30 th January 2020  BUT don't forget
the singing workshop /party tea on Saturday 25th January at 2.30pm

08:47 Monday, 2 Dec 2019

Saturday (mike)

Hi all; I must say I have a "rosy glow" left from Saturday's concert.
There seemed to be a really good atmosphere in the hall, the choir
sounded good, and the audience responded very well. Lovely too, to sing
to a packed-out room!

And many thanks for Lis's and my post-concert gifts - much appreciated.

Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

20:45 Sunday, 1 Dec 2019

concert (david.norkett)

Congratulations to you all for a brilliant concert! We had our usual
unexpected surprises (!) - not least mine, but the audience
seemed to have a whale of a time, and that's very important. Your
enjoyment came through too; so thanks for loosening up and showing it.
Thank you, too, for singing so well.

A huge thank you for the wonderful presents! The flowers are gorgeous,
and we will enjoy the biscuits from no less a place than Fortnum and
Mason's. I have only ever seen the outside of those "hallowed portals"!
Those biscuits were a stroke of genius as the tin also doubles as a
musical box that plays Handel's "Water Music"! I have never had a
biscuit tin that was so clever.

For those of you not in the know, the other presents were reed diffusers
and a lovely white china plate in the shape of a star ( very suitable
for the season).

Thank you once again for being so generous.
Hope to see you on the 19th; if not, have a happy and blessed Christmas
and new year.

19:28 Sunday, 1 Dec 2019

Yesterday (lis)

Well done Singers all,  on another successful concert! Even though we
experienced some unexpected 'oddities ' on the night, the audience
seemed to be having a whale of a time and were very appreciative !! 
There  was  a lot of really lovely singing and expression.... much to
enjoy overall. In particular Peace peace sounded really good  and
Joseph's lullaby proved to be a real pull at the heart strings.  Here
are the next dates to be sure of.

Thursday 19th December 7.30 pm ... open to all  who regularly sing with
us... short prep.  for carol service ( even if you aren't singing at it
) followed by Christmas  fun sing along nibbles /drinks.

Sunday 22nd  December 6.30pm  Community carol service in Community Hall

Saturday 25th January 2.30 pm   workshop and New Year party tea.

Thursday  30th January   7.30... choir restarts.

09:48 Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019

Thursday rehearsal (david.norkett)

Calling all singers in "3 Kings from Persian Lands afar" - there
will be no 7pm rehearsal for us on Thursday. Instead, we shall do "our
bit" during the general rehearsal so I can check the balance etc. in the
big hall and also the sound on Lis's keyboard.

Thank you all for giving up your time and energy so generously and
cheerfully, and for learning the music so quickly. It should be lovely.


07:50 Friday, 15 Nov 2019

ticket tally (lis)

Well done last night singers...  the material is beginning to take a bit
of real shape.  The  demand for tickets has been so high that we really
have no seats left to offer and have a full house to look forward to. 
Please let us know if any of your numbers reduce as others may be
grateful for them.

We will  rehearse from 7.30 to 9.30 for the remaining weeks please (
7.00pm  as usual for the Three Kings ensemble).  Thank you,  Lis

08:41 Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019

clvoices web site problem (mike)

Hi all. I know at least one person has had trouble accessing the
clvoices website to get at rehearsal material.

We've been having some problems the past week or so, apparently under a
form of sustained cyber attack. It appears someone, somewhere, doesn't
like us!

Unfortunately, I'm afraid my hastily crafted defences have managed to
"defend" against some legitimate users as well, and I apologise for
that. I've disabled that code now (while hoping the worst is over),
which will at least make sure rehearsal material is accessible to
members - so if you've been having difficulties getting through, please
do try again.

Again, my apologies if you've experienced difficulties.


Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

07:15 Wednesday, 13 Nov 2019

Thursday night (lis)

Good morning singers,

Tomorrow night, it would probably be useful if we could make use of an
extra 15mins and continue till 9.30 pm please. Thank you, Lis

11:08 Friday, 8 Nov 2019

updates (lis)

Dear Singers,

Thank you for all your hard work last night... let's keep the pace going
as there is still a fair bit of tidying to do.

Lovely to have such high ticket numbers in demand... let's be able to
put on a  really good show for your fan clubs. Please make use of 
rehearsal material still available on line.. Mike has been busy
beavering away with additions.

He has now included  the descant line of Peace/Silent night for printing
and listening to  This and many others can be found at   but you will need the correct
user name and password as given on page 2 of your file booklet.

Sadly we do not have enough singers free to  do the Memorial service at
St. Paul's. I'm sure given more notice this might have been possible (
and we have been asked to consider this for next year).

 Last but not least.... It was a delight to have David Walkling back
with us last night and clearly doing so very well.  See you all  next
week, Lis

11:44 Thursday, 7 Nov 2019

memorial request (lis)

Dear Singers,

At somewhat short notice, we have been asked to sing again at one of the
Daniel Robinson  Christmas memorial services at St Paul's town centre
church, Harlow which is on Wednesday 4th December  ( a few days after
our concert).

If enough of you are free to arrive at 6.30pm, then we will go ahead. We
would plan to sing some of our current Christmas repertoire as well as
some of the material we sang there last time. Please let us know by
e-mail or by signing up tonight if you are willing to sing.

Thank you, Lis

10:29 Tuesday, 5 Nov 2019

christmas grace rehearsal material (mike)

Hi all; I've put some rehearsal material for bars 36-54 of christmas
grace on the website. Hope it's helpful.

(If there's anything else that might help with practice, do please ask!
I can't promise anything, but I'll see what I can do.)


Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

15:20 Friday, 1 Nov 2019

David W. update (lis)

Hello Singers ,

Just to update you with better news of our tenor  David Walking; who is
making  good progress  although still in hospital, having suffered a
blot clot. He is hoping to be home soon.

18:48 Monday, 28 Oct 2019

keep the date (lis)

Hello Singers,

We are  just over the half way mark now.. so plenty to polish, but lots
learned.  However we will be giving the programme a slight tweak... as
will be explained on Thursday.

After the concert on Sat. 30th Nov. ( be starting to thinking how many
tickets you'd like please) we will then  not meet until Thursday 19th
December... when we plan to have a short ' top and tail'  rehearsal ( in
preparation  for the Community Carol Service on Sunday 22nd)  followed
by a   mince- pie - munch- and- sing over some  frothy Christmas favourites.

So please reserve that Thursday even if you can't come to the carol
service.. and we'll enjoy a bit of a  sing and sup.

08:54 Thursday, 17 Oct 2019

tonight (lis)

Hello Singers... Looking forward to seeing you tonight.   Mary's 'Three
Kings from Persian lands ' singers will be rehearsing in the chapel
from  7.00pm .. everyone else as usual at 7.30pm please. Attached is 
Kerry's  radio show going out tonight...... FYI.

10:29 Friday, 11 Oct 2019

Advanced notice (lis)

Dear Singers..

Well done last night.. the Masters in this hall was really coming
together very nicely in particular.

Re the summer season  2020.... not only will we have our 'standard'
evening concert on Sat. 9th May at CL but we have also scheduled an
afternoon concert at our popular Potter Street venue on Sat. 23rd May.
Please make a note in your diaries..... Thank you

15:10 Wednesday, 9 Oct 2019

signing up (lis)

Dear Singers,

  Another reminder ...This Thursday, please come prepared to sign up (
or not) for the New Year workshop/party on Sat. 25th January  at 2.30.

Secondly, we'd be grateful if  you could also sign up or out of the
Concert on Sat. Nov 30th at 7.30 pm  and Carol service on Sunday 22nd
Dec. 6.30 pm (  dates are on the register as you sign in).

Thank you..   see you soon!

11:53 Thursday, 3 Oct 2019

tonight (lis)

Dear Singers,

Looking forward to seeing you this evening.  just a reminder that at
9.15 we will be 'auditioning' any potential soloists/small group singers.

Just come to the  chapel and we'll sort out something or someone for you
to sing (with), if you wish to.

There will be a sign up sheet for the 2020 workshop ( Sat pm January
25th )  at the  register table.  Thanks.

13:46 Friday, 27 Sep 2019

2020 workshop party (lis)

Dear Singers,

Here is advanced notice of our New Year vocal workshop and party; to be
held on Saturday 25th January 2020,   2.30-5.30pm  at the Church Langley

Sue Hickman will again be our guest vocal coach for the afternoon.

07:10 Thursday, 19 Sep 2019

tonight info. (lis)

 Dear Singers,

  If possible, please arrive in good time this evening, so that new and
old copies can be taken in and given out.

If you still have  Amen/go tell,  please hang on to it.... put Cabaret
and Joseph in  the box, and take  two new copies (Jingle bell rock,
Christmas Grace ) which have the  SAME NUMBER as your

Amen/Go tell.   If you have already given in  your Amen/Go tell, then 
the admin.  team will take care of you! Thanks,      see you later,,,

10:08 Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019

Thursday p.m. (david.norkett)

Hello singers all

Long time no see! But hope you all had some refreshing time away from
commitments. Lis and I are both looking forward to our Christmas
programme and very much hope that you all will enjoy working on it too.

Summer is gradually departing, but the rose bush you gave me at the end
of last season still has 14 roses on it - a pleasure to look at.

I am sending this as a try-out to see if I can reach the choir without
having to ask Lis to send messages on!
Hoping to see you all tomorrow (even though I might be a Hopalong
Cassidy with a bad knee again!)

07:57 Saturday, 14 Sep 2019

correction (lis)

I'm so sorry singers.. it should have read... cheques payable to Church
Langley Church, please. Thanks, Lis

14:32 Friday, 13 Sep 2019

Next Thursday 19th .... (lis)

Dear Singers,

  I hope  you are keeping well and able to join us next Thursday for
the start of our autumn  singing and  our fifth year of concerts!

A reminder that our main concert is on Saturday 30th November at 7.30pm.
Choir fees are just £20.00 for the term... still under two pounds per

Please make any cheques payable to Church Langley.

Please  return last term's 'proper copies '. Do copy and paste below for
a bit of hearty singing.. which we may well 'warm up ' with on Thursday,
me hearties!! ( but maybe not with all their verses!)